The Company

Energy Resources International Co. Ltd. , known as ERI, was founded in 2004. In view of the fact that medical equipment products will play a more and more important role in the course of people’s sustained pursuit of advanced and safe medical care nowadays, ERI chose to enter the medical device field right after the establishment of the company.


Through very prudent deliberation of its resources and strength, ERI decided to focus on the research and development of nanotechnology material to apply it to medical device applications. With this objective in mind, ERI started to develop Carbon nanotube (CNT) and took advantage of CNT’s distinctive material properties and effectively apply it to X-ray light emission solution.


Through years of tireless effort and relentless pursuit of technology innovation and breakthrough, ERI successfully developed its first X-ray tube using CNT as cold cathode for X-ray light source in 2008. ERI has since then continued on the development of handheld X-ray system for dental solution use. To expand product portfolio, ERI is also on the planning stage to move forward to the development of new portable general purpose X-ray system in the future.